Phase 1

Phase 1 of our research has gone relatively well. For the most part, we’ve been collecting a group of local dogs that are going to be participating in our study.

In order to have control over the dog’s environment, we have adopted a litter of 8 labradors from a local adoption agency.

We originally wanted to have owners bring their dogs in to volunteer for the ongoing research, but ultimately we concluded that there would be too many extraneous factors that could impact the results.

By having all of the dogs living within our research facility, we’re going to be able to control what they are exposed to.

We’re separating the dogs into two groups – booties and no booties. None of the dogs are going to be receiving exposure to the dog booties until they are fully developed around the age of 2.5.

There are a multitude of factors that can influence the growth of a dog’s muscles and bones. If our theory is correct, then exposing the dogs to booties at a much younger age could definitely tip the scales of our results.

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